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Tweet 'Poor guy'! NBA Commish Adam Silver laments 'the financial consequences' of the NBA/China dumpster fire @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet Kamala's Press Secretary Publishes Head Scratching Photoshop of Pelosi Confronting Trump @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet Blackburn: This is not a ceasefire, it is a pause @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Pro-life display parts stolen, students say (VIDEO) @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo #AAG
Tweet CLASSIC: Trump's Chief of Staff Shuts Down CNN's Jim Acosta for 'Being Very Rude' [Video] @100PercFEDUP #AAG
Tweet Planned Parenthood Abortionist Admits Crushing Babies to Sell Their Parts For Profit @LifeNewsHQ #AAG
Tweet WATCH: Megyn Kelly returns to Fox News, delivers fiery remarks blasting NBC over Matt Lauer allegations @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet WATCH: CNN anchor actually invokes gun-rights argument with Beto O'Rourke who dodges her questions about his gun confiscation proposal @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet WATCH: CNN anchor actually invokes gun-rights argument with Beto O'Rourke who dodges her questions about his gun confiscation proposal @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Warren Adviser: Tax Plan 'Not Enough' To Cover Medicare For All @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet No, Elizabeth Warren Will Not Tell You Whether Your Taxes Will Go Up (VIDEO) @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Megyn Kelly: NBC Covered Kavanaugh With 'Less Trepidation' Than Weinstein (VIDEO) @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet 'Just F**king Nail Her': CNN Employee Recounts Jeff Zucker Control Room Meltdown During Kellyanne Conway Interview (VIDEO) @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet IRS Admits Targeting The Poor Because It's 'Easier And Cheaper' Than Auditing The Wealthy @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Elijah Cummings Used Oversight to Defend Obama, Pursue Trump @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Billionaires could face up to 97.5 percent tax rates under Sanders' plan: economists @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Beto's Gun Confiscation Gambit Failed To Make Polling Impact @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet WH Chief Of Staff To CNN Hack Jim Acosta: 'You're Being Very Rude' @weaselzippers #AAG
Tweet 'Everyone Had A Bad Night': Marianne Williamson Goes After Opponents, Won't Drop Out Of Race @TPInsidr #AAG
Tweet Twitter Tells Fascist Kamala Harris That She is a Thug and Get Lost @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Twitter Tells Fascist Kamala Harris That She is a Thug and Get Lost @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Another Chinese 'propaganda' center shuttters amid US-China tensions @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo #AAG
Tweet New York Magazine Questions Gun Control From The Left @BearingArmsCom #AAG
Tweet Mulvaney comments seized on by critics as proof of Ukraine quid pro quo @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet 'MAGA For Miles!' Trump Supporters Line Up TWO DAYS in Advance to Attend Trump's Rally in Dallas (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Against impeachment, protesters urge Congress to 'let Trump do his job' @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Amb. Sondland says Trump 'skeptical' Ukraine was serious about anti-corruption @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Mexico Deports Hundreds Of Indian Migrants Back To Their Home Country @TPInsidr #AAG
Tweet Vice President Pence: President Erdogan knows President Trump says what he means and means what he says @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Elizabeth Warren to Meet with Congressional Hispanic Caucus @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet Document: Schiff Staffer Met Impeachment Witness on Ukraine Trip @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet Video: Journalists And Dems Use Identical Talking Points On Trump Impeachment... @weaselzippers #AAG
Tweet 'DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE YELLING ABOUT': Brian Stelter going caps lock in straight-up lie leads to LEGENDARY mockery @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet Bogus Study Finds No Anti-Trump Bias at the New York Times @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet No Baby Deserve to Die in Abortion Because She has an Extra Chromosome @LifeNewsHQ #AAG
Tweet Hey, know who ELSE liked to 'discredit reporters' by crying 'fake news'? NYT finds an opportunity to get their Godwin on @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet OUCH: You KNOW Elizabeth Warren's tax plan is crap when 1 of her advisers admits it's not enough to cover this promise @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet Multiple Outlets Highlight Trump In Elijah Cummings Obituary @TPInsidr #AAG
Tweet Former Planned Parenthood CEO Says Abortions Should be 'Rare.' Now Wonder It Fired Her @LifeNewsHQ #AAG
Tweet WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard Calls CNN & NY Times 'Completely Despicable' On Debate Stage For Their 'Smears' @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Trump Smacks Down ABC News for 'Fake News' Footage of Syria @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet REPORT: LeBron James Pushed The NBA To Punish Houston Rockets GM Over Hong Kong Tweet @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting her own action figure - because she's the 'face of the future' @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Project Veritas: CNN Staff Demoralized by Conflict-Driven Ratings Bait, 'We're Totally Left-Leaning' (VIDEO) @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet NEW VIDEO: Leftists sucker punch, put choke hold on man trying to hang on to his MAGA hat outside President Trump's Minneapolis rally @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Harris Campaign Spent $3 Million More Than It Raised Last Quarter @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Collins: Schiff wants interviews kept secret because Dems 'can't win this in the public eye' @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet CNN debate slammed by critics, candidates: 'Damaged the network's credibility even further' @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet China: U.S. 'Freedom of Speech Is Fake' Because People Criticized LeBron James @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Karl Rove praises Syria ceasefire as amazing accomplishment, notes US influence in Syria is now virtually nil @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Adam Schiff Hit With Ethics Complaint For Trying to Obtain Naked Photos of Trump - The Lid @yidwithlid #AAG
Tweet One Person Attended Mark Sanford's Campaign Launch Against Trump @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet 'It MUST be true!' Adam Schiff extra-super convinced Trump's in deep trouble now thanks to Mulvaney's presser @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet Schumer: 'Nasty' Trump Insulted Pelosi - Called Her a 'Third-Rate Politician' (VIDEO) @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Schiff Pressured Witness To Say Trump Pressured Ukraine To Investigate Biden, Report Says @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet 'Pray for Her' Trump Blasts Pelosi As 'Very Sick' And 'Third-Rate' Politician As WH Meeting Breaks Down @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Pence, Pompeo secure cease-fire agreement in Syria after meeting with Turkish president @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Dems storm out of Syria meeting with Trump: 'We have to pray for his health' @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Jennifer Griffin reports on ceasefire deal with Turkey to pause incursion into Syria @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Rand Paul Blocks Vote on House Measure Condemning Syria Withdrawal @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet Mulvaney: 'We Held Up the Money' for Ukraine Investigation into DNC Server @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet CNN Producer On Trump: 'The Only Way This Will Go Away Is When He Dies, Hopefully Soon' @weaselzippers #AAG
Tweet Why Do Your Second Amendment Rights End At The State Line? @BearingArmsCom #AAG
Tweet Trump to Erdogan: 'Don't be a Tough Guy' @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet Chris Stirewalt questions decision to hold G-7 summit at Trump National Doral Golf Club @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet This Type of Voting Doesn't Rank as Real Election Reform @DailySignal #AAG
Tweet We're Becoming More Like China Than China Is Like Us @DailySignal #AAG
Tweet Turkey Agrees to 5-Day Ceasefire in Northern Syria After Trump Fires Off Warning Letter to Erdogan @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet At Long Last! Boris Johnson and EU Agree to Brexit Deal @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet MEGYN KELLY Appears On Fox News...Discusses Media's 'Aggressive' Attempt To Destroy Trump [VIDEO] @100PercFEDUP #AAG
Tweet Meet the 'Other' Shep Smith: Workplace Bully and Worse @true_pundit #AAG
Tweet Ex-Ukraine Envoy Testifies: 'I Was Never Asked to Do Anything' Wrong @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet Joe Biden's Senior Adviser In 2016: 'We Don't Need White People Leading The Democratic Party' @weaselzippers #AAG
Tweet Gen. Jack Keane says the threat of US sanctions on Turkey led to ceasefire in Syria @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Hah-Hah! Trump DROPS A BOMB on Pelosi and Chuck Schumer: Communists Are Involved in Syria, 'You Might like That' #ThirdRatePolitician @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Mike Pence Announces Turkey Ceasefire in Syria @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet Why Does NBC Executive Andy Lack Still Have A Job? @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet Rep. Emanuel Cleaver on crisis in Syria, death of Elijah Cummings @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet UN Human Rights Council proves Nikki Haley was right about them, welcomes Venezuela with open arms @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet Schiff Head: Did He Try To Browbeat A Quid Pro Quo Allegation Out Of Ukrainian Envoy? @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet Schools celebrate 'International Pronoun Day' with 'ze' buttons, advice on pronoun 'privilege' @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo #AAG
Tweet 'People worry, and I worry deeply, too, about an erosion of truth. At the same time, I don't think people want to live in a world where you can only say things that tech companies decide are 100 percent true. And I think that those tensions are something we have to live with.' @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet The View Hags: Hey, You Know Who Should Run For Congress? Chelsea Clinton... @weaselzippers #AAG
Tweet Vice President Pence announces US and Turkey agree to ceasefire in Syria @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Tennessee Will Now Allow Felons To Own Guns...Of A Sort @BearingArmsCom #AAG
Tweet Halloween PSA: New Jersey Division of Taxation will punish residents who use pumpkins for decorative purposes @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet BREAKING: V.P. Pence secures 120-hour ceasefire in Syria @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet YIKES: It looks like Kamala's 'kick Trump off Twitter' and Beto's 'confiscate the guns' shtick is NOT playing well in Iowa @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet Pence Announces Turkey Has Agreed to Syria Ceasefire @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet College Dorm Hosts Drag Queens To Read And Dance With Children @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet San Francisco Blacklists 22 States With Pro-Life Laws @DailySignal #AAG
Tweet In Georgia, Parents Win Battle Over Transgender Bathrooms at School @DailySignal #AAG
Tweet 'Living in a state of enquiry, neutrality and uncertainty, beyond dogma and grand conviction, is good for the business of songwriting, and for my life in general.' @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet VP PENCE: 'Today the United States and Turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in Syria.' [Video] @100PercFEDUP #AAG
Tweet VIDEO: Rep. Steve Scalise Discusses What REALLY Went On In Syria Meeting With Pelosi, Schumer @100PercFEDUP #AAG
Tweet Whoa: Did Joe Biden Falsely Smear the Truck Driver Involved in the Car Crash That Killed His First Wife and Daughter? @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet '... this kind of stuff is just a really horrible look for you guys. frankly, it's whiteness manifest...' @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet Project Veritas Undercover Video: CNN Field Manager Concedes 'We're Totally Left-Leaning, But We Don't Want to Admit It' @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Mick Mulvaney says WH withheld aid to Ukraine to get cooperation in 2016 election probe and it 'had absolutely nothing to do with Biden' @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet Nolte: Congress Abandons Kurds with Cowardly Vote to Condemn Trump @BreitbartNews #AAG