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Tweet Pete Hegseth talks with New Jersey voters about President Trump's rally @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Trump CIA 'Whistleblower' in Ukraine Hoax Was the Leaker in the Russia Hoax!... And Much, Much More! @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Dem Alan Dershowitz: 'Great Danger' In Democrats' Partisan Misuse of Impeachment @100PercFEDUP #AAG
Tweet Jared Kushner: Israel took a giant steps towards peace, Trump's built a trust with the Israeli people @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Wildwood, New Jersey voters have 'Breakfast with Friends' at Vegas Diner @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet West Virginia governor urges Virginia counties unhappy with liberal government to join his staff @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Prince Charles Flew 16K Miles In Just 11 Days Using 3 Private Jets Before Posing With Greta Thunberg, Lecturing World About Climate Change... @weaselzippers #AAG
Tweet Doug Collins to Challenge Kelly Loeffler for Her Georgia Senate Seat @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet Gun Permit Applications Continue to Surge in the Jewish Community @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet BIG CHINA UPDATE: Airlines Cancel More Flights, Borders Closing - Mayor of Wuhan Says Government Was Warned in December But They Kept it Secret @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Babies Born Alive After Abortion Can be Left to Die Under New York Law Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth @LifeNewsHQ #AAG
Tweet Megyn Kelly, Nick Searcy and others BASH Don Lemon over his totally BS and fake non-apology @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet Lara Logan on President Trump's Middle East peace plan @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet 'An Italian man spent 30 years living in Switzerland, starting his own successful ice cream business and raising two sons. But when he tried to become a Swiss citizen in 2015...' @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet Dem Sen. Joe Manchin (!!!) just dropped a massive bomb on Hunter Biden @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet Pollak: Democrat Strategy on Trump Impeachment is Kavanaugh 2.0 @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet CA Senate Approves Cow Palace Gun Show Ban @BearingArmsCom #AAG
Tweet Trailblazer Hillary Still Won't Ride Off Into The Sunset @TheVGBlog #AAG
Tweet CNN's Don Lemon Gives Non-Apology Excuses for Laughing Hysterically During Segment Mocking Trump Voters @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Can't Make This Up... New York State Is Now Mandating 'Stargazing Permits' For Looking At The Sky @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Grandson of George H.W. Bush running for Congress @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Joe Biden Says He Wants Michelle Obama To Be His VP... @weaselzippers #AAG
Tweet CNN's Don Lemon Addresses Segment Where Guests Mocked Trump Supporters @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet Breakfast with 'Friends:' NJ voters react to President Trump's rally @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet LISTEN: Klobuchar called for 'reducing abortions' in 2006 interview @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Donald Trump: If I Listened to John Bolton, We'd Be in World War Six @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet 'For a guy who couldn't get approved for the Ambassador to the U.N. years ago, couldn't get approved for anything since, 'begged' me for a non Senate approved job...' @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet Mark Penn: Trump impeachment is an unproductive exercise in political rage, it's time to end trial @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Lawmakers Considering Guns In Church Schools, Gov. Buildings @BearingArmsCom #AAG
Tweet THIS Should Scare the Hell Out of Every American: Democrats Promise to Persecute Trump Supporters... AND THEY MEAN IT! @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Trump scorches Bolton, says 'fired' hawk would have started 'World War Six' @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Rep. Doug Collins to run for Georgia Senate seat @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet GOP Rep. Doug Collins Launches Georgia Senate Bid @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet Giuliani, Trump Lash Out At Bolton Over Ukraine Claims @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet GOP Rep. Doug Collins confirms bid for Georgia Senate @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet CNN panel under fire for trashing Trump supporters @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet 'After Abolishing Landlords, We Don't Have to Kill Them': Project Veritas Reveals More Radical Sanders Staffers @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet 'The enthusiasm of Ms. Eilish's devotees denotes a striking turnabout, a new generation's rejection of the flirty babe aesthetic embodied by contemporary idols like Ariana Grande...' @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet Ted Malloch and Felipe Cuello: Trump's World: GEO DEUS @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Michael Bloomberg Isn't Running For President. That Should Worry You @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet Brexit Coin Commemorates A Revolutionary Conservatism And World Shift @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet On The Front Lines Of Ukraine's Travel To Impeachment @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet If Democrats Really Thought Trump Was A Threat, They'd Stop Extremism @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet No, It's Not Even A Question: Jewish Lives Matter @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet Trump's Peace Plan Is A Rejection Of Obama's Anti-Israel Pivot @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet Why The Senate Shouldn't Call More Impeachment Witnesses @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet How Kobe Bryant's Mamba Mentality Influenced The World @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet 'A chartered plane carrying more than 200 Americans from Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China... would be 'handled in a remote location'...' @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet Why The Year Of The Rat Is Your Time For A New Beginning @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet Patrick Stewart Chases 'Something Bigger' Through 'Star Trek: Picard' @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet No, The Government Can't Buy You Happiness With Other People's Money @FDRLST #AAG
Tweet Beto O'Rourke's plan to 'defeat Trump in Texas' is not off to a very good start @TwitchyTeam #AAG
Tweet What You Need to Know About the Legal Battle Over Equal Rights Amendment @DailySignal #AAG
Tweet Democracy Is Another Form of Tyranny @DailySignal #AAG
Tweet 'This particular clip has landed with such a bump because it also serves as an example of how inaccurately mediocrities tend to see themselves.' @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet Here is How Questioning From Senators Will Be Handled During the Impeachment Trial Today @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet 'I remember when we could just run outside and jump on one of these old rusty things. Now they're art. It's the new New York, I guess.' @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet Ocasio-Cortez rips 'shameful' Supreme Court ruling allowing 'public charge' immigration rule @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet The Morning Briefing: California Freelancers Rally to Overturn Job-Killing AB5 @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet How Elise Stefanik Didn't Start Throwing Punches At This Presser, I Have No Idea. @chicksonright #AAG
Tweet Trump slams impeachment trial at New Jersey rally @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Trump announces plan for two-state solution to bring peace to the Middle East @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Professor Arrested For Non-Disclosure Of China Ties @TheVGBlog #AAG
Tweet I don't think this is the way to appeal to Mitt Romney. @annalthouse #AAG
Tweet Joe Biden: 'I Sure Would Like Michelle to Be the Vice President' @TPInsidr #AAG
Tweet Trump's defense did what it set out to do, Robert Ray says @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Wake Forest to cancel classes for 'Inclusive Teaching Conference' | The College Fix @CollegeFix #AAG
Tweet The List: 123 Republicans Ask for More Foreign Workers to Fill U.S. Jobs @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet 'I will f**king slit your throat': Student alleges pro-abortion activist threatened her at March for Life @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo #AAG
Tweet Trump: Ending Welfare-Dependent Immigration a 'Critical' SCOTUS Victory @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet RNC Ad Responds to Viral CNN Clip Mocking Trump Supporters: 'Prove Them Wrong in November' @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet Alarm Bells Sound as Democrats Maintain a Massive Fundraising Advantage @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet Lindsey Graham to John Bolton: 'Hold a news conference' @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Don Lemon Digs a Deeper Hole with His Terrible Apology, Denying Obvious Bigotry @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet TDS on Maximum: Lawrence O'Donnell's Conspiracy Theory on John Bolton @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet 'He Just Made it Up!': Rand Paul Blows Up After Chuck Schumer Floats Fake Rumor About Trump Kids @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet Transgender activists file bias report against lesbian crafting group | The College Fix @CollegeFix #AAG
Tweet Students respond after local residents claim Liberty University is unsafe | The College Fix @CollegeFix #AAG
Tweet Some law students don't want to clerk for Trump's judges. Conservatives are reaping the benefits. | The College Fix @CollegeFix #AAG
Tweet More Biden Corruption Exposed: A Shady Land Deal in the Virgin Islands @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet Bellwether to Blowout: Texas House District Gets Redder to Lead Off 2020 Elections @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet GOP develops aggressive 'Plan B' in impeachment trial, as several Dems appear to support acquittal: source @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet New Film Exposes Joe Biden's Role in the 'High-Tech Lynching' of Clarence Thomas @PJMedia_com #AAG
Tweet Trump's impeachment trial witness vote teetering on 'razor's edge,' keep eye on possible 'devil's bargain' @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Former Democrat joins Trump at New Jersey rally @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet WATCH: 'Lemon Versus Lemon' Video Mashup Takes the Internet By Storm - It's Hilarious @chicksonright #AAG
Tweet Cancel Culture Hits Franklin Graham Over His Christian Beliefs on Homosexuality @chicksonright #AAG
Tweet Shuttered Arizona Coal Mine Leaves Hopi, Navajo Tribes Without Vital Energy Resource @BreitbartNews #AAG
Tweet Ingraham investigation: The whistleblower's little known cameo in the Mueller investigation @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Trio of Democrat Senators in Red States Are Considering Acquittal Vote on Impeachment -- They Want to Keep Their Job @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet SINKING: Elizabeth Warren Drops To Fourth Place In Iowa, According To New Poll @gatewaypundit #AAG
Tweet Lankford, Blackburn react to witness battle @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Democrats vow to impeach Trump again if he's acquitted @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Bloomberg's ruff time: Dem greets dog by shaking its mouth @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Robert Ray: It's time to trust in the senators, abide by their wisdom @FoxNews #AAG
Tweet Overnight Open Thread: Pander, Pander, Pander, Wait, What? @weaselzippers #AAG
Tweet Why Bolton's Testimony on 'Quid Pro Quo' is a Waste of Time - Frontpagemag @fpmag #AAG
Tweet Gabbard: You Know, CNN Is Really Doing a Disservice for Voters @townhallcom #AAG
Tweet Why Are So Many Young People Unhappy? - Frontpagemag @fpmag #AAG
Tweet Muslim Extremist Sofian Zakkout Removed from Crime Stoppers Board - Frontpagemag @fpmag #AAG