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Tweet Professor who saved Electoral College and shaped pro-life movement celebrated by students and colleagues | The College Fix @CollegeFix
Tweet University's student government removes Pledge of Allegiance from meetings | The College Fix @CollegeFix
Tweet Former Trump education official proposes 'conservative case' for student loan forgiveness | The College Fix @CollegeFix
Tweet APA now requires authors to use singular 'they' | The College Fix @CollegeFix
Tweet UW student gov: Requiring doctors' notes for missing class is racist @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo
Tweet 'Absolutely brutal'! FedEx CEO calls fake news (and then some) on NY Times' 'outrageous distortion,' issues debate challenge @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Open Society Emails Show Anti-Trump CIA 'Whistleblower' Eric Ciaramella Was Updated on George Soros's Personal Ukraine Activities @gatewaypundit
Tweet Prof: There has 'always been a prevailing bias against conservatives' in higher ed @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo
Tweet Trump Corrects Kim Jong-Un: 'Sleepy Joe Is Somewhat Better Than a Rabid Dog' @PJMedia_com
Tweet Steve: Public support of immigration depends on government control of immigration @FoxNews
Tweet Steve Hilton: The Truth About Impeachment @FoxNews
Tweet Jesse Watters On Impeachment Hearing: 'Under Obama, Ambassadors Were Coming Back In Body Bags' [VIDEO] @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Rep. Lee Zeldin: Mark Sandy's Testimony Needs to Be Released - Made for Very Bad Day for Those Pushing Impeachment Charade (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Overnight Open Thread: Pure Love @weaselzippers
Tweet Iran cuts the internet as protests enter a 3rd day @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Incumbent Democrat Edwards Ekes Out Victory Over GOP Challenger in Louisiana @PJMedia_com
Tweet MSNBC apologizes after leaving Andrew Yang off its graphic of Dems polling at 3% in Iowa @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Former NYPD Commissioner Slams Joe Biden for His 'Ignorance' in Criticizing Trump Over Military Pardons: 'Demonstrates why you should never step foot in the oval office' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Sen. Chris Murphy accuses Ukraine of lying to ensure U.S. aid keeps flowing @TwitchyTeam
Tweet House Minority Leader Demands Answers From ABC News On Epstein Story, Megyn Kelly Reports @weaselzippers
Tweet Portland Man Sues City, County, And Media For False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, And Slander After Protesters Jumped In Front Of His Truck @gatewaypundit
Tweet 'Your family member has been sent to study because they have come under a degree of harmful influence in religious extremism and violent terrorist thoughts. ' @annalthouse
Tweet 'They are fast, hard-working, green-hearted people. I love their energy and greenness, and I am so glad my age-old eco-passions gave birth to so many little green pirates.' @annalthouse
Tweet Rep. Devin Nunes: 'Tough luck' if impeachment witnesses were upset that Trump was going around them in Ukraine @FoxNews
Tweet Anti-Trump CIA 'Whistleblower' Eric Ciaramella Spoke with Lt. Col. Vindman and Is Still Attending White House Meetings @gatewaypundit
Tweet Rev. Al Sharpton Defends Getting $1 Million from His Own Charity: 'It's a Six-Day-a-Week Job' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet At the Last of the Fall Color Cafe... @annalthouse
Tweet Police Try To Storm Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Fire And Explosions On Campus @weaselzippers
Tweet McCarthy Sends Letter To ABC Demanding Information On Killed Epstein Story @TPInsidr
Tweet Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Is Now A Black Panther. But In A Suit. @chicksonright
Tweet Nearly 80,000 Illegal Aliens Carried An Arrest Record Before Winning DACA Approval, Government Data Show @TPInsidr
Tweet Pew Research: 6-in-11 Americans Want More Deportations of Illegal Aliens @BreitbartNews
Tweet Colin Kaepernick: Needs Cheese For His Whine @TheVGBlog
Tweet Cool. Libs have donated almost $1 million to the woman who lost to Elise Stefanik by almost 14 points in 2018 @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Crowded 2020 Democratic field continues to grow @FoxNews
Tweet HUGE! Dem Rep. Says He Will Vote NO on Impeachment, Reveals Other Dem Lawmakers 'Quietly, Privately' Concerned About Schiff Show Trials (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Defense: 'Sleep Deprivation' Made Illegal Confess to Killing Mollie Tibbetts @BreitbartNews
Tweet Illegal Alien Allegedly Killed Vietnam Veteran the Day Before Veterans Day @BreitbartNews
Tweet Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Father of Three in Drunken Hit-and-Run @BreitbartNews
Tweet 'It Was Clearly Criminal': How A Massachusetts Judge Allegedly Helped An Illegal Alien Escape ICE @weaselzippers
Tweet Bernie Sanders highlights new poll showing him tied in Iowa, conveniently omits other polls in early states that show him losing BADLY @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Steve Bannon Says He Pushed For Alleged Whistleblower To Be Removed From National Security Council @TPInsidr
Tweet House Dem Claims Trump Can Still Be Reelected After Being Impeached @TPInsidr
Tweet 'It Was Clearly Criminal': How A Massachusetts Judge Allegedly Helped An Illegal Alien Escape ICE @TPInsidr
Tweet CAUGHT: TOP TWITTER EXECUTIVES Worked with and Supported Sleeping Giants in Blocking Ads to Breitbart, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Laura Ingraham @gatewaypundit
Tweet Ratcliffe On IG Report: Doesn't Take 500 Pages To Say Everything Was Done Right @weaselzippers
Tweet Kanye West's Surprise Gospel Prison Performance: Inmates Brought To Tears...Drop To Their Knees [Video] @100PercFEDUP
Tweet ISIS Tells Lone Wolves: Pose As Reporters To Assassinate World Leaders - The Lid @yidwithlid
Tweet Fire breaks out at #PolyUniversity in Hong Kong after police raid @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Biden Again Claims Andrew Johnson Was Impeached Before The Civil War @weaselzippers
Tweet Bloomberg Apologizes for 'Stop and Frisk' Policies @PJMedia_com
Tweet Bannon says he wanted alleged whistleblower booted from NSC over leak concerns @FoxNews
Tweet Emails: Open Society Kept Alleged 'Whistleblower' Eric Ciaramella Updated on George Soros's Personal Ukraine Activities @BreitbartNews
Tweet 'Ted Malloch: GET PAM BONDI ON TV @gatewaypundit
Tweet CAIR's Goal: 30 Islamists Into Congress @weaselzippers
Tweet You know Mike Bloomberg is serious about running for president because he called Al Sharpton right after 'one of the fakest things...ever seen in politics' @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Prince Andrew's Publicist Quits Over Disastrous BBC Interview About Jeffrey Epstein @gatewaypundit
Tweet More Than 15,000 People Sign Petition for President Trump to Pardon Roger Stone @gatewaypundit
Tweet Man, 19, Regrets 'Frankenstein Hack Job' Gender Reassignment Surgery @DailySignal
Tweet So, China Has Internment Camps And Thought Police. But At Least They're Polite. @chicksonright
Tweet Rep. Steve Scalise Blows Away Anti-Trump Chris Wallace...Trump Tweets: 'Great job Steve!' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Rep. Chris Stewart says Democrats 'know they're in trouble' on impeachment @TwitchyTeam
Tweet 'Whitest thing in the UNIVERSE': Pete Buttigieg's stunt to prove black people really DO like him backfires in a HUGE way @TwitchyTeam
Tweet 'We have your back': Nikki Haley TORCHES sexist liberals in tweet defending Elise Stefanik and oh HELL YEAH @TwitchyTeam
Tweet 'Sure I'M totes a very active Democrat': Senate Dems are too stupid to know I'm TORMENTING them and it's glorious @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Class is in SESSION! AOC gets a BRUTAL history lesson after claiming she wants to make Dems the party of FDR again @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Our 'moral betters' like Joan Walsh and Chrissy Teigen show us who they REALLY are in tweets to Elise Stefanik (screenshot) @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Jeez, ALWAYS wrong? Brit Hume uses Paul Krugman's own 'dismal record' to politely embarrass him and it's just PERFECT @TwitchyTeam
Tweet 'Had concerns about Vindman's judgment': Byron York breaks down Tim Morrison's transcript and it AIN'T lookin' good for Schiff @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Dem Rep. Jeff Van Drew says Democrats are hurting the nation by continuing with impeachment @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Lightly-attended FedEx Field contains unhappy Redskins cans chanting 'sell the team!' @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Politico: Congress may have to legislate if SCOTUS lets DACA expire @TwitchyTeam
Tweet As irony is laid to rest, Dan Rather appears on 'Reliable Sources' @TwitchyTeam
Tweet New York Times unimpressed with social media's effort to block whistleblower's name @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Dems had better step it up: Support for 'impeach and remove' is dropping @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Dem Rep. Calls Out His Own Party For 'Fracturing The Nation' With Impeachment Proceedings @weaselzippers
Tweet Dan Rather On Impeachment Hearings: 'Truth Is Closing In' @weaselzippers
Tweet USCIS: Nearly 80,000 DACA Recipients Have Arrest Records @PJMedia_com
Tweet Exclusive - Jeff Sessions Explains How GOP Can Dominate for Two Generations with America First Immigration Vision @BreitbartNews
Tweet Is Huckster Harris' Campaign In Big Trouble? Polling At 3%...Campaign Has 'No Discipline, No Plan, No Strategy' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet AG William Barr Left 'Using Every Tool And Maneuver Available To Sabotage' Administration - The Lid @yidwithlid
Tweet BOOM! President Trump BLASTS 'Nasty and Obnoxious' Chris Wallace on His 'Dumb and Unfair' Interview with Steve Scalise @gatewaypundit
Tweet Intercept: Buttigieg Falsely Claimed Endorsements From Black SC Leaders @FDRLST
Tweet HORRIBLE! Never-Trumper Chris Wallace Lies about Tim Morrison's Testimony on FOX News Sunday (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Buttigieg Takes Clear Lead in New Iowa Poll @PJMedia_com
Tweet Looney Never-Trump Conspiracy Theorist Cheri Jacobus Claims President Trump's Doctor Visit Was So He Could 'Quickly Resign' @gatewaypundit
Tweet Michigan county seized retiree's home over $8 debt - now he's fighting back in state's top court @FoxNews
Tweet Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Heads To Spain On Yacht Made From Petroleum Products @weaselzippers
Tweet President Trump Responds to North Korea Calling Joe Biden a 'Rabid Dog' @gatewaypundit
Tweet Pelosi Once Again Calls on President Trump to Prove to the Impeachment Committee He is Innocent (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Fallout continues from the first round of the public impeachment inquiry hearings @FoxNews
Tweet Vagina Museum: Deifying Body Parts @TheVGBlog
Tweet Bloomberg speaks at NYC megachurch @FoxNews
Tweet Ukraine Whistleblower May Mave Liaised With Vindman, Boss And Other Officials Didn't Trust Vindman's Judgment @weaselzippers
Tweet Bernie Sanders Goes Full AOC: 'Time for Us to Become the Party that Fights for Queer Liberation' @PJMedia_com
Tweet Leaked Documents Reveal The Horror Happening Inside Chinese Internment Camps @chicksonright
Tweet Moving toward possible 2020 bid, Bloomberg apologizes to minority communities for past policy: 'I got something important wrong' @FoxNews
Tweet Internal Documents Give Greater Insight into Chinese Internment Camps @chicksonright
Tweet Al Sharpton Made $1 Million from His Own Nonprofit @chicksonright
Tweet Watch: Kaepernick At NFL Workout Doesn't Sound Like A Man Applying For A Job @weaselzippers