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Tweet There he is! 'Harvard's newest blithering idiot' David Hogg white-knights for AOC by punching up at Liz Cheney @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Bill Kristol wants to stop President Trump's July 4th plans in D.C. @TwitchyTeam
Tweet To Depolarize Our Politics, Aristotle Would Prescribe Some Virtue @FDRLST
Tweet Mexico BRACES For Sudden Influx Of Illegal Immigrants Under Trump Deal! @TPInsidr
Tweet Broadway Play About the Clintons CLOSING Early Due to DEPLORABLE Ticket Sales! @TPInsidr
Tweet Angela Merkel Uncontrollably Shakes While Meeting Ukrainian President (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet After Joe Biden's Flip-Flop, Every Democrat for President Wants to Force You to Fund Abortions @LifeNewsHQ
Tweet AOC hits out on Twitter at 'shrieking Republicans' criticizing her comparison of border facilities to concentration camps @FoxNews
Tweet Ocasio-Cortez: Government Is Operating 'Concentration Camps' On Border @weaselzippers
Tweet MSNBC contributor compares Kyle Kashuv's old social media posts to those of mass shooters @TwitchyTeam
Tweet New Zealand Man Jailed for Sharing Video of Christchurch Attack @BreitbartNews
Tweet Klobuchar Downplays Tax Cuts, Blames Trump for Increase in Robocalls @BreitbartNews
Tweet Iran Claims CIA Network Dismantled and 'Spies' Arrested @BreitbartNews
Tweet GOP Rep. Turner: Cotton's Call for Retaliatory Military Strike on Iran 'Incredibly Premature' @BreitbartNews
Tweet Pentagon Claims More Photo Evidence Iran Is Behind Tanker Attacks @BreitbartNews
Tweet Nolte: Commie Folk Singer Woody Guthrie Not Woke Enough for Mob @BreitbartNews
Tweet Howard Dean: 'Brilliant' Pelosi Is 'Letting the Momentum Build' for Impeachment @BreitbartNews
Tweet WATCH: Female High School Track Star Fights Back After Two Transgender Athletes Dominate @100PercFEDUP
Tweet The Problem With Ocasio-Cortez's Shameful Ignorance Of History @FDRLST
Tweet Missouri Judge Blocks State From Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz @LifeNewsHQ
Tweet Orlando Sentinel issues scathing op-ed announcing it won't endorse Donald Trump in 2020 election @FoxNews
Tweet Dems trying to add 'radical' riders shielding illegal immigrants in border bill: GOP sources @FoxNews
Tweet AOC comes unglued after Liz Cheney and other Repubs slam her for concentration camp comments @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Does Pelosi need to shift Democrats away from impeachment talk to health care? @FoxNews
Tweet Bill Richardson wants to see diplomacy from the Trump administration on Iran @FoxNews
Tweet NZ Cops: No Registration Makes Rounding Up Guns Difficult @BearingArmsCom
Tweet Liz Cheney rips into Ocasio-Cortez over her 'concentration camp' remarks @trscoop
Tweet Taylor Swift's 'You Need To Calm Down' Is Breathtakingly Elitist @FDRLST
Tweet Trump vows to deport 'millions' of undocumented immigrants as McConnell plans to force vote on border funding @FoxNews
Tweet Millions Are Taking to the Streets in Hong Kong. Here's What's at Stake. @DailySignal
Tweet Eric Swalwell Pushes Federal Ban on Armed Teachers @BreitbartNews
Tweet All-Day '45 Fest' Tailgate Party in Full Swing Ahead of Trump's Rally @BreitbartNews
Tweet Ilhan Omar Blames Trump For Iran-Linked Attacks On Oil Tankers @weaselzippers
Tweet Hillary Tries Her Best To Throw Americans Off Trail Claiming POTUS Made OUTLANDISH Claims Against Her 2016 Campaign! @TPInsidr
Tweet WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Hurl Racist Comments at Black Fox News Reporter @gatewaypundit
Tweet SURVEY: Most college grads say campus climate prevents them from expressing beliefs @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo
Tweet Study Uncovers Potential Dangers of Drug-Induced Abortion @BreitbartNews
Tweet AOC's Dim-Witted Concentration Camp Comparison - The Lid @yidwithlid
Tweet 'Tony Robbins punishes followers who fail at his self-help tasks by calling them onstage in front of large crowds and making them drink an unidentified mixture 'designed to have a lasting effect for several hours.'' @annalthouse
Tweet Chaffetz: Secretary of State Pompeo should be 'personally involved' in Clinton email server review @FoxNews
Tweet Kudlow reacts to Dow surging after Trump teases China meeting at G20 @FoxNews
Tweet Trump's Threats Against Mexico Are Working...Round Two @townhallcom
Tweet Trump Says He Will Begin Deporting 'Millions' of Illegal Aliens Next Week @PJMedia_com
Tweet Joe Biden: We Can Build Guns That Won't Fire Without DNA Match @BreitbartNews
Tweet Former VA Secretary David Shulkin Attends Biden Fundraiser @BreitbartNews
Tweet Trump Planning To Live Tweet Democratic Debates: Report @gatewaypundit
Tweet 'The question of impeachment hasn't just been employed as effective hospice care, it's become a major talking point among House Democrats...' @annalthouse
Tweet Joe Biden Claims $20 Million Fundraising Haul for 2020 Campaign @BreitbartNews
Tweet Planned Parenthood pres. Leana Wen tries revising history of her org. in thread about abortion bans @TwitchyTeam
Tweet ANGRY ANTI-TRUMP LIBERAL Tells Fox News Reporter To 'Go Back To Fox And Pick Cotton' [VIDEO] @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Tom Fitton Breaks Down John Kerry's State Department Links to Junk Anti-Trump Steele Dossier (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet 'You Guys Are Great' - Joe Biden Flatters Wall Street at NYC Fundraiser @BreitbartNews
Tweet Angela Merkel seen 'visibly shaking' during outdoor event in Berlin @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Thanks A Lot Dems, Illegal Aliens Can Now Obtain Driver's Licenses In New York State @townhallcom
Tweet Presidential Contender Joe Biden Proposes Medicaid For All @FDRLST
Tweet State Department Finds 30 Security Incidents in Hillary Clinton Email Probe @BreitbartNews
Tweet Trump Delivers on Promise to Cut Aid to Central American Countries Over Migrants @PJMedia_com
Tweet Ocasio-Cortez Unleashes Lawyer On Campaign Aide Who Penned Memoir @weaselzippers
Tweet Did Your Child Return From College a Better Person? @PJMedia_com
Tweet Black reporter told to 'Go back to Fox News to pick cotton' at impeach Trump rally @trscoop
Tweet Ocasio-Cortez Says U.S. Government Running CONCENTRATION CAMPS' at the BORDER! @TPInsidr
Tweet Pentagon Announces $250M in Equipment for Ukrainian Military @BreitbartNews
Tweet Border Patrol Council VP slams Ocasio-Cortez's 'disgusting' comparison of border facilities to 'concentration camps' @FoxNews
Tweet Rep. Turner says an international response is needed to get Iran to ultimately change its behavior @FoxNews
Tweet Pompeo arrives at Centcom for meetings on escalating Iran threat @FoxNews
Tweet Andy Ngo's detailed thread calling out hate crime hoaxes against trans people infuriates SJWs @TwitchyTeam
Tweet New Zealand Gov. 'Factsheet' Wipes Out Israel From the Map, Replaces It With Palestine @townhallcom
Tweet AOC Makes A Moronic Claim The The USA Has Concentration Camps On Southern Border @townhallcom
Tweet New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill Granting Driver's Licenses to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! @TPInsidr
Tweet Hillary Tries Her Best To Throw Americans Off Trail Claiming POTUS Made OUTLANDISH Claims Against Her 2016 Campaign! @TPInsidr
Tweet Nancy Pelosi: Pro-Lifers Hate People Because 'They Don't Want Clean Air, Clean Water and Food Safety' @LifeNewsHQ
Tweet Newt Gingrich: 'It's sort of a miracle Trump is still standing' after overwhelmingly negative press coverage @FoxNews
Tweet Brutal: Liberal Podcaster Who Challenged Warren's 'Native American' Story Doesn't Believe Her Latest Spin @townhallcom
Tweet AOC Has Gone TOO FAR + HBO's Newest Dumpster Fire...WE ARE RAGING THIS MORNING, Y'all... @chicksonright
Tweet Schiff: Evidence of Iran Being Behind Tanker Attacks Is 'Very Strong' @weaselzippers
Tweet AOC accidentally accuses Barack Obama of running concentration camps on the border @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Stewart Hits Back At McConnell, Says He Uses 9/11 Community As 'Political Pawn' @townhallcom
Tweet Pentagon sending 1,000 troops to Middle East over Iran threat: What's next? @FoxNews
Tweet JUST IN: Trump Vows to Deport 'Millions' of Illegals Beginning Next Week [Video] @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Here's a Brand New List of Security Violations From Hillary Clinton's State Department @townhallcom
Tweet Paul Manafort Reportedly Being Sent To Dangerous Rikers Island Jail Until Threat From AG Barr's Deputy @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Trump Withholds Aid To Central American Countries For Not Doing Enough To Curb Immigration @weaselzippers
Tweet WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez caught LYING, telling people that Trump is running actual 'Concentration Camps' on the border @trscoop
Tweet MAJOR FIND: Here's More Ammunition for Roger Stone: Mueller Claims Russia Hacked Clinton Campaign Volunteers and Employees - Where's the Proof? @gatewaypundit
Tweet Congressional Dems Back Gun Licensing Schemes @BearingArmsCom
Tweet ''I shouldn't be judged based on what said when I was 16,' says the 18 year-old applying to colleges that entirely base their decisions on high school resumes.' @annalthouse
Tweet Amazon corrects AOC after she accuses them of exploiting workers @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Brian Sims Bullied Her and Her Daughters, Now Mom Demands Legislature Censure Him @LifeNewsHQ
Tweet Eric Swalwell: Ban Ownership of More than 200 Rounds of Ammo @BreitbartNews
Tweet Trump downplays Iran's attack on two tankers in new interview with Time magazine @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Controversial Oakland Mayor Responds to Trump's ICE Threat @townhallcom
Tweet MUST WATCH: Pewdiepie SLAMS YouTube For Demonetizing Conservative Steven Crowder @gatewaypundit
Tweet MSNBC Host: Sen. Warren's Plan Won't Lower College Tuition @weaselzippers
Tweet Eric Swalwell embarrasses himself by posting pic of his 'movement' to stop gun violence @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Donald Trump says ICE will begin removing illegal aliens @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Crooked Hillary Spouts Off and Lies About Her Connections to Russia and Spygate -- George Papadopoulos Puts Crooked in Her Place @gatewaypundit
Tweet State Dept identifies 23 violations and 7 infractions concerning Clinton emails @trscoop
Tweet Newborn Baby Was Abandoned in a Garbage Dump, Family Adopts Her After She's Saved From Death @LifeNewsHQ
Tweet Manafort transferred to NY federal prison ahead of state trial, after Rikers Island move nixed @FoxNews
Tweet Newt Gingrich breaks down President Trump's reelection chances in 2020 @FoxNews