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Tweet Pelosi Says She Has No Regrets On How Congress Handled The Covid Crisis @weaselzippers
Tweet NBC Host Falsely Claims: President Trump is 'Not Concerned' With Americans Dying From Coronavirus @LifeNewsHQ
Tweet Ya' don't SAY! Drew Holden takes CNN and the rest of the media to the SHED in timeline-thread of their OWN anti-mask tweets @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Red November: The Left Radicalizes Joe Biden on Abortion @BreitbartNews
Tweet One-Year-Old in a Stroller Shot to Death in Mayor de Blasio's NYC @BreitbartNews
Tweet Kayleigh McEnany on push to safely get back to school, Mueller defending Stone sentence, Goya 'Buy-Cott' @FoxNews
Tweet Nolte -- NBC News Column Smear: Goya CEO on 'Quest for White Acceptance' @BreitbartNews
Tweet De Blasio's Public Safety Plan Fails To Protect Anyone - Bearing Arms - Bill de Blasio @BearingArmsCom
Tweet Adam Schiff Again Pushes Bogus Impeachment Narrative Against President Trump... @weaselzippers
Tweet The Left Found A New Love For Corporate Personhood @FDRLST
Tweet Ben Domenech reacts to GOP lawmakers defending St. Louis couple's gun rights @FoxNews
Tweet Violent Black Lives Matter Mob Viciously Attacks Trump Supporter at Pro-NYPD Rally and Throw Eggs at Police @gatewaypundit
Tweet Keeping Schools Closed Ensures Inequity And Chaos @FDRLST
Tweet 60 Shot, at Least 10 Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago @BreitbartNews
Tweet What Thomas Sowell Believes Would Be the 'Point of No Return in This Country' @townhallcom
Tweet College Democrats, Satanists and Witches Team Up to Shut Down Young Conservatives of Texas Chapter @gatewaypundit
Tweet 'In American culture the belief persists that through one's own efforts, a personal paradise is achievable. But what does that paradise look like...?' @annalthouse
Tweet Deep State Is Panicking Over President Trump's Commutation of Roger Stone Because His Appeal Will Reveal RUSSIA NEVER GAVE EMAILS TO WIKILEAKS @gatewaypundit
Tweet Beijing Sanctions Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for Criticizing China @BreitbartNews
Tweet DC activists push ballot initiative to decriminalize 'magic' mushrooms @FoxNews
Tweet Newt Gingrich: Biden's tax increase proposal would kill jobs, bring US to deep recession @FoxNews
Tweet Privileged Prima Donnas And Political Correctness @TheVGBlog
Tweet Lost Cause: A Special Forces Soldier's Case For Leaving Afghanistan @FDRLST
Tweet Media Goes Nuts On Trump's Taxes And Ignores Joe Biden's Tax Dodging @FDRLST
Tweet Warren Calls for 'New Leaders' and 'New People,' Immediately Backfires With 1 Simple Fact About Biden: He Became a US Senator in 1973 [Opinion] @chicksonright
Tweet Putting Men In Women's Shelters Is Not The Way To Keep Either Sex Safe @FDRLST
Tweet Poll: If Election Were Held Today, Trump Would Beat Biden By A Lot @FDRLST
Tweet I'd Rather Homeschool Than Put My Kids In A Coronavirus Prison School @FDRLST
Tweet NYT: Blame Churches, Not Riots, For Rise In Positive Covid-19 Tests @FDRLST
Tweet How Hospitals' Refusal To Prepare For A Pandemic Screwed America @FDRLST
Tweet If Colleges Don't Open, They'll Lose Their International Student Cash Cow @FDRLST
Tweet On Reservations, Supreme Court Reminds Congress To Keep Its Promises @FDRLST
Tweet Believe It Or Not, CNN, The Bible Doesn't Say Jesus 'Wasn't Perfect' @FDRLST
Tweet 6 Ways Leftism Acts Like A Religion @FDRLST
Tweet Harmeet Dhillon: Roger Stone was a victim of political prosecution, Trump right to commute his prison term @FoxNews
Tweet U.K. Court Documents: Steele Told FBI Clinton Knew He Was Compiling the Dirty Dossier @BreitbartNews
Tweet USA Today Pushes Nazi Symbol Conspiracy Theory To Go After Trump @FDRLST
Tweet BLM Activist Who Tried To Cancel Local Smokehouse Arrested For Rioting @FDRLST
Tweet ''The House,' she writes, capitalizing it like this throughout, giving it a special, sort of sinister air, 'seemed to grow colder as I got older.'' @annalthouse
Tweet Saying 'All Lives Matter' Is Now Getting People Killed @townhallcom
Tweet Pelosi Sounds Off on Trump's Decision to Wear a Mask @townhallcom
Tweet Dana Bash Claims No One Is Saying Kids Should Not Be Back In School @FDRLST
Tweet Dear Politicians: Please Stop Allowing Vandals to Deface Our Statues @DailySignal
Tweet Press devours Trump niece's book @FoxNews
Tweet Redskins Name About To Be Changed @TheVGBlog
Tweet Ronna McDaniel says GOP voter registrations have surged @FoxNews
Tweet 'With the pandemic, there's not that same sharing of cannabis the way there used to be. There's the phrase 'puff, puff, pass,' and now it's 'puff, puff, don't pass.'' @annalthouse
Tweet Navarro: Joe Biden 'blatantly ripping off' President Trump agenda @FoxNews
Tweet Kelly Preston Dead At 57. Trump's New Attack Ad Against Biden. These Things Are Not Related. @chicksonright
Tweet Leave It to AOC to Defend Crime in NYC, All in the Name of Chiding the NYPD @townhallcom
Tweet China announces sanctions against Rubio, Cruz over Uighur Muslims @FoxNews
Tweet LeBron James: Freedom, But Not For Hong Kong @TheVGBlog
Tweet 'It's no disrespect to the list that was handed out to all the players. I commend anyone that decides to put something on the back of their jersey. It's just something that didn't really seriously resonate with my mission, with my goal.' @annalthouse
Tweet Judges rules petition to fire Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan can move forward @FoxNews
Tweet Is Mayor Bill de Blasio making the streets of New York less safe? @FoxNews
Tweet Critics blast Trump's decision to commute Roger Stone's sentence, ignore Obama's 1,715 commutations @FoxNews
Tweet Omar Doesn't Care About Her Congressional Oath - Time To Remove Her Before Things Get Worse @TPInsidr
Tweet Democracy Has Its Place In Our Society, But It Needs To Be Accompanied With This @TPInsidr
Tweet USA Today Slammed for Claiming Trump T-Shirt Features 'Nazi Symbol' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet I Don't Need A Poll To Tell Me Trump Wins Re-Election, Do You? @TPInsidr
Tweet Professor: Term 'low-hanging fruit' is a microaggression because it reminds blacks of lynching @CollegeFix
Tweet Horowitz Discusses 'Blitz' on O'Reilly @fpmag
Tweet Turkey's New Mosque a Monument to Western Decline @fpmag
Tweet Christian Theologian: 'Christians Should Be Delighted' at Hagia Sophia Becoming a Mosque @fpmag
Tweet Bryson Gray Video: Why I Left the Left @fpmag
Tweet Manhattan DA Targets Trump After Giving Epstein and Weinstein a Pass @fpmag
Tweet Iran Experiences Rash of Mysterious Military and Industrial 'Accidents' @fpmag
Tweet BLM Anti-Police Hate-Fest Comes To Small-Town America @fpmag
Tweet 'Ghoulish': Valerie Jarrett's praise for NYC's 'short term sacrifice' leading to eventual coronavirus recovery might be the 'worst victory lap of them all' @TwitchyTeam
Tweet CAIR Hypocrite Spouts Against Racism, Uses Racist Term Himself @fpmag
Tweet Prof says those who support cops are racist @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo
Tweet West Midlands Police in England arrest 12-year-old for racist online messages sent to Black soccer player @TwitchyTeam
Tweet California lawmaker behind AB5 suggests the school year start in March 2021 @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Salon Owner Suing State Of Oregon, Governor, After $14,000 Fine For Re-Opening @gatewaypundit
Tweet BlackLivesMatter In St Pete FL Has Marcher Dressed As 'Jew Clown' @weaselzippers
Tweet Seattle warns of cuts to non-white police officers if #DefundThePolice passes @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Schiff Nervous After Lindsey Graham Announces He Will Be Calling Mueller in to Testify About Sham Trump-Russia Investigation (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet After saying people need to wear a mask on the beach, S.E. Cupp posts a maskless selfie from the beach @TwitchyTeam
Tweet 'China's mouthpiece has spoken': LeBron James defends suspended ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Missouri: Cops Protect Protesters Painting Blue Line Over Black Lives Matter Street Grafitti @gatewaypundit
Tweet The Lincoln Project will reportedly next target Tucker Carlson, other Republicans @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Dan Bongino on Mandatory Mask Order: 'Shove It Right Up Your A**' - The Lid @yidwithlid
Tweet Antifa Tries To Protest An Anti-Pedophilia Event, Get Attacked, Police Have To Intervene @weaselzippers
Tweet Goya 'Buy-Cott' Underway After The Left Boycotts Because the CEO Praised Trump ...Products Flying Off The Shelves @100PercFEDUP
Tweet They Don't Want You To Know: Reddit Mods Remove Viral GP Article About Woman Murdered for Saying 'All Lives Matter' @gatewaypundit
Tweet Border Patrol Tracks Three Illegal Border Crossers, Finds Two Dead @townhallcom
Tweet St. Louis Police Shut Down Art Hill in Forest Park After Leftist Groups Threaten to Beat Catholics Again -- Hundreds of Catholics Turn Out Anyway! @gatewaypundit
Tweet VIDEO: Portland Woman Brings Her Toddler To Riot At Federal Building At Midnight... @weaselzippers
Tweet WATCH: Protesters with a caribou heart attempt to disrupt Sen. Dan Sullivan campaign event @TwitchyTeam
Tweet 'The knives are out': Who's ready for White House anonymous sources vs. Dr. Fauci? @TwitchyTeam
Tweet AOC blames NYC crime increase on people just trying to feed their families, gets mugged by data @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Latest Symbol Of Patriarchy? ARCHITECTURE! With Its Phallic Buildings That Thrust Upward @gatewaypundit
Tweet USA Today Gets Caught with a Bogus 'Fact Check' About the Trump Campaign's Use of a 'Nazi Symbol' @townhallcom
Tweet Democrats Defend Fauci After White House Puts Out List of His (Deadly) Coronavirus Mistakes @gatewaypundit
Tweet Mother of 3-Yr-Old Shot and Killed While Walking Away From Argument Over Allegedly Responding 'All Lives Matter' To Group of Strangers Shouting 'Black Lives Matter' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Goya 'Buy-Cott' Underway, Products Flying Off The Shelves @weaselzippers
Tweet Mollie Hemingway: Media are 'oddly obsessed' with banning kids from attending school @TwitchyTeam
Tweet AOC suggests NYC crime surge due to unemployment, residents who need to 'shoplift some bread' @FoxNews
Tweet Sen. Lindsey Graham Green Lights Dems' Request to Hear From Robert Mueller @townhallcom
Tweet Mueller's Pitbull Andrew Weissmann Wants Roger Stone Hauled Before Far Left Grand Jury in New York @gatewaypundit