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Tweet Rahm Emanuel Calls Out Pelosi's 'Corrosive' Politics: 'I reject that politics' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet BREAKING: Representative of Iranian Regime's Supreme Leader Claims IRGS Will Kill President Trump @gatewaypundit
Tweet Lisa Murkowski: 'Same Standard Must Apply' as 2016 to Fill SCOTUS Seat @BreitbartNews
Tweet Steve Hilton calls for bipartisan detente amid threats of more riots: 'Lower the temperature' @FoxNews
Tweet VIDEO: Far Left DC Marxist Group Caught on Video Training Supporters on How to Kick in Lindsey Graham's Door -- Protest Planned for Monday AM @gatewaypundit
Tweet Jeff Flake: Republicans 'Should Hold the Same Position' as in 2016 on SCOTUS Vacancy @BreitbartNews
Tweet Suspects Wanted in Shootings of Police Officers Across Multiple States @townhallcom
Tweet Blue-check gets 50,000+ likes for an inaccurate tweet about a 6-year-old 'daughter' who died of COVID-19 @TwitchyTeam
Tweet WATCH: Schumer Nods Along While AOC Talks About Impeaching Trump Again @townhallcom
Tweet Schumer and AOC call on voters to pressure GOP senators into delaying Trump's Supreme Court nominee @FoxNews
Tweet Trump touted that he and McConnell 'have broken every record' with judicial appointments: report @FoxNews
Tweet AP: Suspect Accused of Sending Ricin to White House Arrested @BreitbartNews
Tweet Criticizing Soros Is NOT Anti-Semitic, Soros Is A Bad, Anti-Semitic Dude - The Lid @yidwithlid
Tweet 10 most extreme 'Critical Race Theory' classes & trainings at US colleges @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo
Tweet Report: Omaha Bar Owner Who Fatally Shot Protester Commits Suicide @BreitbartNews
Tweet Trump rips states urging mail-in balloting @FoxNews
Tweet 6 Things to Know About Upcoming Supreme Court Process, Picks @DailySignal
Tweet Breaking: Suspect in Custody for Sending Ricin Poison to President Trump @gatewaypundit
Tweet Jimmy Kimmel opens the audience-less #Emmys with an anti-Trump joke @TwitchyTeam
Tweet The Body of Omaha Bar Owner Jake Gardner Was Found 20 Minutes From Portland @gatewaypundit
Tweet The white Omaha bar owner indicted for shooting a Black protester has committed suicide @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Facebook changes its logo to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Alexander: McConnell doing what Dems 'would do if the shoe were on the other foot' with SCOTUS nomination @FoxNews
Tweet 'They're now saying, after Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, they said, 'Biden should release his list.'' @annalthouse
Tweet Prominent Indiana BLM Activist Lied About Being Black... @weaselzippers
Tweet Democrats weigh tactics to stall Senate confirmation of Ginsburg's successor @FoxNews
Tweet Tim Murtaugh: Trump has Constitutional duty to nominate justice @FoxNews
Tweet Sen. Kelly Loeffler on Supreme Court vacancy, support for confirming a successor in an election year @FoxNews
Tweet Virgil: Saul Alinsky on 'Rules for Radicals' and the 2020 Election @BreitbartNews
Tweet Biden Is Telling Some Serious Whoppers About the Supreme Court @townhallcom
Tweet YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP: Twitter Locks Show's Host Steve Malzberg for Linking to Video of Biden for 'Violation of Child Sexual Exploitation Policy' @gatewaypundit
Tweet Graham: Dems telling me how to handle SCOTUS picks is like 'arsonists advising the Fire Department' @FoxNews
Tweet Murkowski Opposes Pre-Election Supreme Court Nominee Vote @DailySignal
Tweet Axios reports 'Furious Democrats are considering total war' if GOP gets a SCOTUS nominee through and then loses the majority @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Cuban Woman Barbara Lagoa May Be Trump's Pick For SCOTUS... @weaselzippers
Tweet Joe Biden Falsely Claims No Supreme Court Session Before Election @BreitbartNews
Tweet BREAKING: Suspect In Custody For Sending Ricin Package To President Trump... @weaselzippers
Tweet 'They Forced This United States' Veteran to Crawl. They Even All Stood By and Watched While He Crawled.' @gatewaypundit
Tweet Here's Where Sen. Lamar Alexander Stands on Trump's SCOTUS Nominee @townhallcom
Tweet Biden says 200 million people have died from COVID-19 as campaign gaffes continue @FoxNews
Tweet BREAKING: Omaha Bar Owner Charged For Killing Rioter Who Attacked Him and His Business Has Committed Suicide @gatewaypundit
Tweet EPIC FAIL: Dallas Cowboys get last-second FG for the win after the Atlanta Falcons BOTCH the onside kick @TwitchyTeam
Tweet JUST IN: GOP Senator Lamar Alexander Says He Supports Trump, Senate Effort to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy - Blasts Democrats @gatewaypundit
Tweet Flashback: In 2016, Ginsburg said Senate should hold SCOTUS confirmation hearing during election year @FoxNews
Tweet UFC Fighter Warns Democrats After Winning Fight: 'Wait 'til November 3rd when Donald Trump gets his hands on Sleepy Joe' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Sen. Coons: Republicans rushing Supreme Court fulfillment would 'dishonor Justice Ginsburg's legacy' @FoxNews
Tweet Patriotic Education Is Long Overdue @TheVGBlog
Tweet Oh, Brother: Bill Clinton Calls on Senate Republicans to 'Do the Right Thing' @townhallcom
Tweet Constitutional law expert on Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees @FoxNews
Tweet Joe Biden's Latest Gaffe: '200 million people will die, probably by the time I finish this talk' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Joe Biden Claims '200 Million Will Die' Of Virus By End Of His Remarks @weaselzippers
Tweet Biden, Desperate To Appeal To Hispanic Voters, Compares Trump To Fidel Castro - The Lid @yidwithlid
Tweet It appears Joe Biden forgot that the Supreme Court's new term starts on the first Monday in October @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Video: Nancy Pelosi Stuns With Bizarre Response to a Question from ABC's George Stephanopoulos #TermLimits @100PercFEDUP
Tweet HORRIFIC VIDEO: Screaming Grandmother Manhandled by 8 Cops, Cuffed and Hauled Off for Not Wearing Mask at Anti-Lockdown Protest in Public Park @gatewaypundit
Tweet Sen. Lamar Alexander: No one should be surprised at the GOP trying to fill the vacant SCOTUS seat @TwitchyTeam
Tweet In DC, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Vigil Speakers Prep For Kavanaugh 2.0 @FDRLST
Tweet Trump takes swipe at Murkowski after she opposes Senate taking up SCOTUS confirmation @FoxNews
Tweet WATCH: Michigan Man Sounds Off on the Anti-Law Enforcement Rhetoric in America @townhallcom
Tweet Liberal white female politician from Northern Ireland apologizes for dressing up as Mr. T for Halloween @TwitchyTeam
Tweet It's Trump's 'constitutional authority' to fill vacant Supreme Court seat: Paris Dennard @FoxNews
Tweet Biden Immediately Flees From Podium After Philadelphia Speech, Ignores Reporters Shouting Questions at Him (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Herschel Walker reveals 'truth' about BLM, Trump: 'I'm going to fight for' America @FoxNews
Tweet Biden condemns push to fast track Supreme Court confirmation as 'exercise in raw political power' @FoxNews
Tweet Eric Shawn: President Trump's Supreme Court nominee is @FoxNews
Tweet Video: Marshall University Professor Suspended For Death Wishes on Trump Supporters 'I Hope They All Die Before The Election.' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Kimberley Strassel remembers that four Democrats lost their seats in 2018 after opposing Brett Kavanaugh @TwitchyTeam
Tweet ELDER ABUSE: Joe Biden Is So Out of Breath He Can Barely Speak and Stand at Podium (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Joe Biden: Senate Should Not Vote on SCOTUS Nominee Before Election @BreitbartNews
Tweet What is Wrong with Pelosi? Speaker Pelosi's Wires Cross During Her Interview with George Stephanopoulos (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet MASSIVE Trump Car and Motorcycle Parade in North Huntington, PA - HUNDREDS of Vehicles Fill Huge Parking Lot at the Start @gatewaypundit
Tweet Joe Biden Claims 200 Million Americans Have Died from Coronavirus @BreitbartNews
Tweet Mark Levin rips Democrats in Supreme Court clash: 'They hate the Constitution' @FoxNews
Tweet Trump campaign promises to nominate a woman to fill Supreme Court vacancy @FoxNews
Tweet Rep. Dan Kildee on Supreme Court nomination battle @FoxNews
Tweet Wait, What? Biden Claims 200 Million Died By the Time He Stopped Talking @townhallcom
Tweet Even Rahm Emanuel Calls Out Pelosi For 'Corrosive' Politics Threat Of Impeachment Over SCOTUS @weaselzippers
Tweet Ted Cruz on why Senate must confirm SCOTUS nominee before election: 'It's precedent' @FoxNews
Tweet Democrats Threaten to Pack Court If Republicans Vote on Ginsburg Replacement This Year @DailySignal
Tweet GOP Breaks Record by Raising $67.6 Million in August @BreitbartNews
Tweet 10 most extreme examples of anti-American sentiment at US colleges, and how Trump's 1776 Commission could reverse it @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo
Tweet Tammy Bruce Filets Richard Blumenthal On Twitter, Delicious @TheVGBlog
Tweet Chad Pergram: 'Hard to see' Pelosi's impeachment idea delaying SCOTUS confirmation @TwitchyTeam
Tweet WATCH: Joe Biden makes another huge gaffe during speech on Ruth Bader Ginsburg @TwitchyTeam
Tweet WATCH: Violent Rioters Attack Car With Frightened Dog Inside @chicksonright
Tweet Colby Covington Wins UFC Fight Then Says, 'If You Thought That Was A Beating, Wait Till Nov. 3rd' @chicksonright
Tweet Biden Says 200 Million People Will Die From Covid by the End of His Speech (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Tech Elites Endorse Biden to Secure More Foreign Workers for U.S. Jobs @BreitbartNews
Tweet Cruz Decimates Demands For No SCOTUS Confirmation In Election Year @FDRLST
Tweet Dems threaten to pack Supreme Court if Trump gets nominee confirmed @FoxNews
Tweet IT STARTS AGAIN: Democrats Claim Russian Interference Will Keep Them From Taking Control Of Senate @gatewaypundit
Tweet Rahm Emanuel calls Pelosi's threat of impeaching Trump 'corrosive' politics @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Chris Stirewalt on how 2020 election results will weigh on Supreme Court @FoxNews
Tweet 'Those Are The Only Rules': Trump Campaign Releases Statement On Supreme Court Vacancy @gatewaypundit
Tweet 'That's White Privilege, Karen! I'm on my G-Damn Period But Came Out Here' - Seattle BLM Mob Threatens White Woman in Car for Wanting to Drive Home @gatewaypundit
Tweet Back In 2016, Biden Said President Had 'Constitutional Responsibility' To Fill Vacant SCOTUS Seat @gatewaypundit
Tweet Prof explains how to talk to White children about racism @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo
Tweet Pelosi Threatens to Impeach Trump to Stop Him from Filling Supreme Court Vacancy [VIDEO] @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Professors: Let Immigrants Become President by Amending Constitution @BreitbartNews
Tweet Ted Cruz to Dems trying to beat Republicans over the head with 2016's SCOTUS vacancy: 'Checks and balances' @TwitchyTeam