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Tweet KAREN UNLEASHED! Crazed Woman Calls Police on Black Man, Chokes Her Dog After Same Man Told Her to Put a Leash on It... Update: Choked Dog Has an Instagram Account! @gatewaypundit
Tweet Joe Biden makes first public appearance in weeks @FoxNews
Tweet President Trump honors fallen troops on Memorial Day @FoxNews
Tweet Comms guy for Julian Castro contrasts the Bidens visiting a war memorial with President Trump golfing @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Illegal Alien Charged with Sexually Assaulting Three Underage Girls @BreitbartNews
Tweet Mia Farrow Outrageously Claims President Trump Will 'Kill Off All' His Supporters By Reopening Churches @TPInsidr
Tweet Hot Vox Memorial Day take: There should be a holiday to remember war resisters too @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Johns Hopkins Death Toll Does NOT Include States' Downward Adjustments, Ignores Fundamental Flaws in Data @gatewaypundit
Tweet WATCH: Trump Campaign Hits Back at Biden's Racist Takes In a New Ad @townhallcom
Tweet DOJ urges Nevada to reconsider church social-distancing orders, 'unequal treatment' @FoxNews
Tweet Watch: Shaun White Takes Time to Skateboard with Young Fans @BreitbartNews
Tweet Jonah Goldberg calls Twitter-troll Kayleigh McEnany's behavior 'indefensible and grotesque'; Mollie Hemingway schools @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Security Law From Beijing Suffocates Hong Kong @TheVGBlog
Tweet Jonah Goldberg Attacks Press Secretary McEnany As 'Indefensible And Grotesque' @TPInsidr
Tweet Nunes: GOP Lawmakers Expanding Investigation Into Special Counsel Operation, 'We Will Be Making Criminal Referrals of the Mueller Team' (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Ilhan Omar: I Believe Tara Reade, But I'm Still Voting For Biden @TPInsidr
Tweet Group Of Builders Sues Gov Whitmer For Latest 'Unconstitutional' Exec Order Threatening Unauthorized Fines Of Up to $70K Per Day: Rules Are Being Used To 'Intimidate good, honest workers' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Dems: Stop Talking About Biden's Racist Gaffe... @weaselzippers
Tweet Former CNN Digital Producer on How the Network Has Become the Anti-Trump Channel @townhallcom
Tweet Cuomo admits 'we all failed' at making coronavirus projections @FoxNews
Tweet Claire McCaskill asks for God's sake if we can quit calling OANN's Chanel Rion a reporter @TwitchyTeam
Tweet WATCH: Mob of New Yorkers Shame a Woman for Not Wearing a Mask @townhallcom
Tweet Pence: US Will Not 'Tolerate' Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives @BreitbartNews
Tweet Parking Lot at Theodore Roosevelt Park Remains Closed; Trails Still Open @BreitbartNews
Tweet 13-Year-Old Graduates from California College with Four Degrees @BreitbartNews
Tweet Will other countries follow America's lead with additional COVID-19 travel restrictions? @FoxNews
Tweet CLAIM: China Played Biden And Obama 'Like A Stradivarius' - The Lid @yidwithlid
Tweet 'But wait, there's something weird about arguing that hazmat suits shouldn't be worn because they could give you 'a false sense of security.'' @annalthouse
Tweet New York Times Asks During Memorial Day Weekend 'Why Does The U.S. Military Celebrate White Supremacy?' @TPInsidr
Tweet Memorial Day beach crowds lead to mixed messages from officials on coronavirus @FoxNews
Tweet Video shows masked mob casting out a heretic grocery shopper trying to kill Grandma @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Second stimulus check coming 'sooner rather than later,' Trump's economic advisor says @true_pundit
Tweet More than 1,200 California pastors vow to hold services in defiance of state order @true_pundit
Tweet Largest contract yet for US-Mexico border wall announced, worth $1.3 billion @true_pundit
Tweet Birx: It Is 'Difficult to Tell' If the US Will Close Again If There Is a Second Wave of the Coronavirus (VIDEO) @true_pundit
Tweet Trump Unloads on Biden: 'He Doesn't Know He's Alive' @true_pundit
Tweet The Economic 'Reopening' Is A Fake Out @true_pundit
Tweet New York Times on Memorial Day Weekend: 'Why Does the U.S. Military Celebrate White Supremacy?' @true_pundit
Tweet Michael Moore: The Only Way Trump Wins In 2020 Is If He 'Cheats' @true_pundit
Tweet Lori Loughlin's Daughters Are 'Devastated' She's Going to Jail After Finally Pleading Guilty to Charges @true_pundit
Tweet Ignoring Warnings, Mich. AG Sued to RAISE Lake Level Ahead of Dam Break-to Protect Mussels @true_pundit
Tweet Cotton Leads Republican Senators Calling For DOJ Investigation of Planned Parenthood @true_pundit
Tweet CNBC Reporter: Biden Tax Plan 'Most Expensive' in Recent History (VIDEO) @true_pundit
Tweet Carville: Trump 'Will Get His Fat Ass Beat' in 2020 @true_pundit
Tweet Birx announces 'dramatic decline' in coronavirus cases across the states @true_pundit
Tweet California Gov. Newsom issues detailed guidelines for reopening churches, houses of worship after coronavirus outbreak @FoxNews
Tweet DETROIT: Dem Lawmaker Who Praised Trump Is Suing Spiteful Gov Whitmer, Fellow Dems For Free Speech, For Refusing To Allow National Guard To Deliver 388K Meals She Prepared For Constituents @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Trump Threatens to Pull Republican Convention From North Carolina @true_pundit
Tweet Biden makes 1st in-person appearance in more than 2 months @true_pundit
Tweet There Is No Journalistic Defense For Not Answering Kayleigh McEnany's Questions @FDRLST
Tweet Protestors March for Freedom on Memorial Day at Locked Down Beach @townhallcom
Tweet Dem Gov. Cuomo Suggests You're 'Stupid' if You Don't Wear Mask @weaselzippers
Tweet Whichever is worse - too masculine or not masculine enough - that's what President Trump is @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Former Transition Aide Says Michael Flynn Fielded Thousands of Calls @BreitbartNews
Tweet Trump denies interest in moving Republican National Convention to Doral property @FoxNews
Tweet Sure, they will not regret this -- The Washington Nationals revealed their World Series rings design and it has a unique pop culture reference embedded @TwitchyTeam
Tweet WHO Temporarily Suspends Clinical Trials of Hydroxycholoroquine and Chloroquine @townhallcom
Tweet Ilhan Omar: 'I do believe' Tara Reade's claims against Joe Biden @FoxNews
Tweet Dem talking heads who'd be all over Donald Trump for 'you ain't black' remarks think 'we need to move on' from talking about Joe Biden's racism [video] @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Ford Motor Co. donates thousands of COVID-19 face shields to US military @FoxNews
Tweet Libertarians pick first female presidential nominee @FoxNews
Tweet The GOP Convention Is Facing a Potential Shakeup @townhallcom
Tweet Clean Up America Tour Continues in Democrat-Controlled Philadelphia @BreitbartNews
Tweet Biden Unveils Ad Hitting President Trump for Golfing During Pandemic - And Trump Responds with FIRE @gatewaypundit
Tweet Self-righteously indignant Mika Brzezinski sums up life in 'the age of Trump' @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Sen. Daines on reopening America and his issues with mail-in voting @FoxNews
Tweet Biden appears in public for first time in months to lay wreath on Memorial Day @FoxNews
Tweet Trump threatens to relocate GOP convention from NC unless governor allows full attendance @FoxNews
Tweet Pentagon Spokesman Chimes In On NYT's Terrible Memorial Day Editorial @weaselzippers
Tweet CNN would just like to remind you that while COVID19 is killing more men, it's the women who are really suffering @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Trump Delivers Ultimatum To Democrat NC Governor On Republican Convention: 'I love the people of North Carolina...This is not something I want to do' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet 'Dude, just stop': Jake Tapper chose a really 'garbage op-ed to share' on Memorial Day @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Trump vastly outspending Biden in presidential campaign ad wars @FoxNews
Tweet Mob Chases Woman Out of ShopRite Grocery Store in New York for not Wearing Coronavirus Mask (Video) @gatewaypundit
Tweet WATCH: California Skateboarder Desecrates Veterans Memorial @TPInsidr
Tweet James Carville Says 'American People Are Turning' On Trump: 'Joe Biden Is Fine' @TPInsidr
Tweet Shocker: Some Inmates Released Due To COVID-19 Returned To Crime, Including Murder... @weaselzippers
Tweet Do We Even Need a Shot Now? COVID Is Vanishing So Quickly in the UK that Their Vaccine Test Might Be Useless @townhallcom
Tweet Hide Your Kids! Masked Biden Emerges From His Basement For First Time in Months (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Exclusive--O'Donnell: A Plague Ship and Undaunted Courage @BreitbartNews
Tweet CNN contributor Wajahat Ali shames Nikki Haley for calling out Joe Biden's racism by ... making Haley the target of his own racism @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Whitaker: Flynn judge twisted the rules to keep the case alive @FoxNews
Tweet Can Joe Biden's campaign weather the 'you ain't black' controversy? @FoxNews
Tweet Pentagon Spokesman Hits Back at NYT's Despicable Memorial Day Editorial @townhallcom
Tweet Former Israeli Health Minister: The COVID-19 Response Has Been 'Monstrous Hysteria' Reaching to the Irrational @gatewaypundit
Tweet President Trump Cutting Additional Regulations To Reignite Economy - The Lid @yidwithlid
Tweet 'Independent' Alaska Senate Candidate Flip-Flops on #MeToo Issues @townhallcom
Tweet Border Patrol Agents Apprehend Driver Following Vehicle Pursuit @townhallcom
Tweet Donald Trump at Fort McHenry: 'We Are the Captains of Our Own Fate' @BreitbartNews
Tweet Republicans Sue CA Gavin Newsom Over Vote-By-Mail @TheVGBlog
Tweet Dem Rep. Pressley: Illegal Immigrants Should Receive Driver's Licenses... @weaselzippers
Tweet Huh? What exactly was the New York Post going for by using Trump in 'bizarre framing' of Michigan nursing home attack? @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Biden attends Memorial Day ceremony, first time leaving home in two months @FoxNews
Tweet Black Voices for Trump Panel Sounds Off on Biden's Outrageous Remarks @townhallcom
Tweet Trump Threatens to Move RNC Out of North Carolina if Dem Governor Won't Let Them Fill Arena @gatewaypundit
Tweet Raheem Kassam shares striking example of WaPo's double standard in covering Donald Trump's vs. Joe Biden's problematic comments [screenshots] @TwitchyTeam
Tweet It's Party Time! A Laughing Hillary Clinton Pays Tribute to Gov. Cuomo, Not Fallen Troops, in Memorial Day Tweet @gatewaypundit
Tweet President Trump delivers Memorial Day address at Fort McHenry @FoxNews
Tweet Lt. Col. Allen West to Be Released from Hospital @BreitbartNews
Tweet Democrats ding Trump on coronavirus testing after HHS report @FoxNews