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Tweet Joe Biden: The 'Undocumented' Should Have 'Access to What Everybody Else Has Access to' @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Wait, HE'S STILL DRIVING?! Pic of Joe Biden wearing his COVID mask behind the wheel surfaces ANNND we're officially dead @TwitchyTeam
Tweet National Democrats Endorsed Congressional Candidate Who Referred to Women as 'Breeders' @townhallcom
Tweet Antifa Militants Rove Into Residential Parts of Portland, Assault a Woman at Her Home, Try to Blind Her with Lasers (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet Biden raises eyebrows with remark contrasting African American, Latino diversity @FoxNews
Tweet Joe Biden: 'Unlike the African American Community ... the Latino Community Is an Incredibly Diverse Community' @BreitbartNews
Tweet Joe Biden: Unlike the African American Community ... the Latino Community Is an Incredibly Diverse Community' @BreitbartNews
Tweet Donald Trump to Order Government to Buy American Medical Drugs and Equipment @BreitbartNews
Tweet Trump campaign calls to move up first presidential debate @FoxNews
Tweet Rioters Attack Police Station In Portland Suburb, Try To Burn It Down, Attempt To Run Over Police With Truck @weaselzippers
Tweet Nancy Pelosi: It's Great Joe Biden Is Not Traveling to Milwaukee to Accept the Nomination @townhallcom
Tweet MUST WATCH: Eugene Residents Confront Black Lives Matter Mob, Tell Them to Get the F Out of Their Neighborhood @gatewaypundit
Tweet Doug Lamborn: Investigate John Hickenlooper for Misuse of Taxpayer Funds @BreitbartNews
Tweet Joe Biden Says That Black People All Think the Same 'With Some Notable Exceptions' @gatewaypundit
Tweet L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Announces The City Will Shut Off Water/Power To Any House's Having Unauthorized Parties @chicksonright
Tweet The government wants you to 'stop talking to people and get back to staring at your phone.' @annalthouse
Tweet Facebook, Twitter Censor President Trump for Noting Children Less Susceptible to Coronavirus @LifeNewsHQ
Tweet White House chief of staff warns if no deal on COVID relief by Friday, likely no deal at all @FoxNews
Tweet Ed Rollins: Don't think Nevada will win battle for mail-in voting @FoxNews
Tweet Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf testifies on federal agents deployed to protests @FoxNews
Tweet Sen. Kennedy: Sally Yates didn't want to answer questions or admit to her negligence in the Russia probe @FoxNews
Tweet NRA Tells Joe Biden: 'Come and Take It' @BreitbartNews
Tweet 'Scarier than any Russian hoax': Nothing to see here, just Kamala Harris' former press secretary working at Twitter requesting Trump Team remove tweets @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Yawn: WNBA Players Wear T-Shirts Opposing GOP Senator Who Co-Owns a Franchise @townhallcom
Tweet Coronavirus impact on colleges becomes clearer, and it's not looking good for academia @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo
Tweet New York AG to Make 'Major Announcement' After Deutsche Bank Turns Over Trump Financial Docs @gatewaypundit
Tweet Biden cancels travel to Milwaukee convention, will accept Democrat nomination in Delaware @FoxNews
Tweet NY AG Letitia James Claims Major National Announcement At 11:30 EST @weaselzippers
Tweet Missouri Republican Congressional Candidate Anthony Rogers Wins Primary After Spending a Total of 28 Bucks @gatewaypundit
Tweet Incredible Photo of Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks Shows Unborn Baby's Humanity @LifeNewsHQ
Tweet Epstein Accuser Alleges Prince Andrew 'Groped Girls With Puppet Of Himself' Amid The Release Of Sickening US Court Documents @100PercFEDUP
Tweet Saudi Arabia has Constructed a Uranium Processing Plant @townhallcom
Tweet St. Louis Prosecutor Wins Primary After Charging McCloskeys @BearingArmsCom
Tweet DHS chief Chad Wolf testifies to Senate committee on response to protests, riots: live updates @FoxNews
Tweet Cities go to extremes with quarantine crackdowns: Checkpoints, power shutoffs, steep fines @FoxNews
Tweet Nolte: White Professor Busted Posing Online as Bisexual American Indian with Corona @BreitbartNews
Tweet 'Felt like I was DYING': Alyssa Milano announces she tested positive for COVID antibodies but thread shows her timeline doesn't QUITE add up @TwitchyTeam
Tweet Biden appears to split with Obama on eliminating Senate filibuster - then backtracks @FoxNews
Tweet GUEST POST BY ROGER STONE: Newly Released Emails Show the 'Special Treatment' I Received from the Four Rogue Prosecutors in my Case @gatewaypundit
Tweet Arkansas police on replacing 7-yr-old's stolen bike @FoxNews
Tweet LA Mayor Will Cut Power, Water To Businesses That Disobey Him @FDRLST
Tweet Billionaire Oprah Denounces 'White Privilege'... @weaselzippers
Tweet GOP senators introduce bill to allow judges to hold illegal immigrants who miss hearings in contempt @FoxNews
Tweet White House insists Big Tech is picking on Trump after Facebook, Twitter flag campaign account @FoxNews
Tweet 'Black Lives Matter Wants to Defund Police, Promotes Anti-Semitism and Racism, Doesn't Believe in Nuclear Family!' - Sen. Kelly Loeffler Refuses to Bow to Cancel Culture Mob! (VIDEO) @gatewaypundit
Tweet So TELLING: Teacher's union president CHEERS Facebook and Twitter removing Trump tweet that debunked their back-to-school fear-mongering @TwitchyTeam
Tweet VP Mike Pence Blasts Chief Justice John Roberts: He's Been a 'Disappointment' @LifeNewsHQ
Tweet VIDEO: Should Democrat Party pay slavery reparations? Young people think so @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo
Tweet Cuomo Begs Wealthy New Yorkers to Come Back: 'Come Over, I'll Cook!' @townhallcom
Tweet Doug Jones Ad Attacks Trump in a State the President Carried By 28 Points @townhallcom
Tweet Pence: 'The Radical Left Wants to Silence Pro-Life Americans' @weaselzippers
Tweet Biden kicks off a virtual tour of Ohio, but will voters buy it? @FoxNews
Tweet Trump Bombshell, Biden Mental State, And KEEP THE SCHOOLS OPEN @chicksonright
Tweet Can you tell whether it's elevating and not racist to compare Black Lives Matter artists to cavemen? @annalthouse
Tweet 'I'll Buy You A Drink!': Gov. Cuomo Desperately Begs Rich NYC Residents Who Fled The City To Return @chicksonright
Tweet Sanders says he wants to tax billionaires' 'obscene' wealth earned during coronavirus pandemic @FoxNews
Tweet Governor Cuomo begs rich people who've relocated to their out-of-the-city houses: 'You gotta come back.' @annalthouse
Tweet Potential Biden VP Lets Real Anti-Gun Agenda Slip @BearingArmsCom
Tweet JAIL FAUCI: Massive International Study Shows Countries with Early HCQ Use Had 79% Lower Mortality Rate -- THIS IS HUGE! We Are Talking Over 100,000 American Lives! @gatewaypundit
Tweet Is Kanye West colluding with the Trump campaign? @annalthouse
Tweet Survey of Black Americans About Police Doesn't Fit the Left's Narrative @townhallcom
Tweet Joey Jones marks the 10th anniversary of his 'Alive Day' @FoxNews
Tweet Queer Indigenous Arizona State University Professor Who Died of Coronavirus Didn't Actually Exist @gatewaypundit
Tweet Indianapolis Paints Giant Black Lives Matter Mural a Block From Street Where White Mom Was Murdered for Saying 'All Lives Matter' @gatewaypundit
Tweet 75 Years Later, It's Clear Truman Was Right To Drop The Atomic Bomb @FDRLST
Tweet HBO's 'The Swamp' Explores D.C.'s Small Appetite For Populist Reform @FDRLST
Tweet Hawley Was Right About Roe: Speak Up Or Stay Off The Supreme Court @FDRLST
Tweet Why We Should Give One Cheer For Hawley's SCOTUS Proposal @FDRLST
Tweet Most Americans Are Scared Stiff To Talk Politics. Why? @FDRLST
Tweet The Beirut Blast Is A Reminder That Hezbollah Has Ruined Lebanon @FDRLST
Tweet 'Catcher In The Rye' Offers Timeless Message For Teen Loneliness @FDRLST
Tweet If Teachers Unions Cared About Kids, They'd Be Demanding Schools Open @FDRLST
Tweet The NHL Reboot Is Sports' Only Covid Success Story @FDRLST
Tweet Why The United States Senate Needs The Filibuster @FDRLST
Tweet What Media Won't Tell You About Trump Protecting Native Americans @FDRLST
Tweet Twitter Censors Joe Rogan Episode With Gender Expert Debra Soh @FDRLST
Tweet Why Republicans are hoping Susan Rice is Biden's VP pick @FoxNews
Tweet Rudy Giuliani sends letter from Trump campaign to request fourth presidential debate in early September @FoxNews
Tweet At least 20 Republicans won't vote for stimulus deal: Rep. Lance Gooden @FoxNews
Tweet High school athletes fear shorter seasons, less college recruiting over coronavirus concerns this fall @FoxNews
Tweet NY AG Letitia James to make 'major national announcement' @FoxNews
Tweet Tom Homan blasts hypocrisy of NYC's COVID-19 quarantine checkpoints @FoxNews
Tweet Sarah Sanders: If Biden can't handle basic questions, how can he handle being president? @FoxNews
Tweet The biggest takeaways from the Sally Yates hearing @FoxNews
Tweet What Really Happened In Beirut, Explained @DailySignal
Tweet Transgender Movement Threatens Future of Women's Sports @DailySignal
Tweet NY AG Letitia James to make 'major national announcement' @FoxNews
Tweet Shay Hawkins: Biden and Dems falsely claim they're entitled to Black vote, ignoring Trump's pro-Black policies @FoxNews
Tweet Rep. Mast: Biden out to undo Trump's America First agenda to appease the left @FoxNews
Tweet I Figured Out Who Biden Reminds Me Of, Y'all. @chicksonright
Tweet Veteran amputee running for senator launches ad against 'violent, left-wing extremists' @FoxNews
Tweet If the question is where was Biden - literally - when this photo was taken, then the knee answers the question. @annalthouse
Tweet Tyranny in Los Angeles: No Water For You! @TheVGBlog
Tweet Jill Biden calls her husband a moderate, is he? @FoxNews
Tweet Trump says Sally Yates 'lying or grossly incompetent' on Comey testimony @FoxNews
Tweet Rep. Gooden on issues with mail-in voting @FoxNews
Tweet Sally Yates says Comey 'went rogue' with Flynn interview @FoxNews
Tweet Trump says he has the right to suspend payroll tax if Congress won't @FoxNews
Tweet Trump campaign sues Nevada over mail-in voting plan @FoxNews
Tweet South Carolina's The Citadel to require US Constitution course for graduation @CampusReform @Zach_Petrizzo